NEWS FLASH: Luthiery School Update 2014

In response to student feedback and preferances, the school will operate in private instruction format in 2014. One-on-one instruction has been far more popular than small-group classes in the past few years so we have decided to go with the flow.
Class programs have not changed, but you can expect an even higher detail and nuance within the new format. Please go to the luthiery school pages for more info.



The latest custom creation is the eight stringed instrument named OCTO. The instrument is a design collaboration between the client and Ari Lehtela. Some features include microtonal subdivisions, eight individual string outputs and the octave range encompassing both guitar and bass. Below are two links showcasing its unveiling in Europe.
We will have a comprehensive photo essay, description and sound samples on this website soon.,9,29575

Ari Lehtela is fast becoming one of the most sought after luthiers in the world. His instruments are known for their incredible musicality, easy playability and unique aesthetics. These instruments are made to be played!

Ari's luthiery seminars are also becoming well known. If you're in the Charlotte, NC area, don't miss an opportunity to learn from a master and, at the same time, build your own custom instrument. New classes are starting all the time. More information is available under luthiery school.


Coming soon ! - information and photos of several new exciting instruments

2010: debut of the Lehtela Steel String Acoustic. The design and construction of this instrument addresses the all-too-common ' sag and bubble ' problem found in the bridge area of most conventional steel-string acoustics, by introducing atypical bracing methods. Please contact for more information.

The following website includes a recent interview with Ari Lehtela both as a builder and a player. Also included is a review of his cd titled " West Eats Meat ". The website is 

Ben Sher, playing his Violao
Espirit Django

Sam Macy, a former student of Ari's, playing his Tango.
Division Street


jazz tango